Cynthia Kane

Cynthia Kane

Cynthia Kane

Cynthia Kane is a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor and the founder of the Kane Intentional Communication Institute, LLC. She is the author of How to Communicate Like a Buddhist (Hierophant Publishing, April 2016), Talk to Yourself Like a Buddhist (Hierophant Publishing, April 2018), and the upcoming book, How To Meditate Like A Buddhist (Hierophant Publishing, April 2020).


Cynthia was born and raised in Columbus Ohio, and she earned her Bachelors degree from Bard College and her Master of Fine Arts from Sarah Lawrence College. While studying at Bard, she met her first love Mauricio, who was from Costa Rica. For seven years, Cynthia would frequently visit Mauricio in Costa Rica, and enjoyed hiking with him there. It was when Mauricio passed away that Cynthia’s life changed drastically, and she was compelled to find new ways of communicating with herself, others and her environment. She began to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into her life, and noticed a significant change in personal growth. Cynthia went on to found the Kane Intentional Communication Institute, LLC in 2013. She has helped over 40,000 people change their way of communicating through her online courses, workshops, and training programs. She creates unique communication-focused mediations for her clients that assist people in having better communication in any difficult conversation or situation. Along with individuals, she has worked with organizations such as the Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC, BroadFutures, xScion Solutions, University of North Carolina Asheville, GiveYoga, and more.

Cynthia has taught meditation at The Council on Foreign Relations and has written for national and international publications including Self Magazine, VegNews, Pregnancy Magazine, The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Post, Woman’s Day, BBC Travel, Refinery29, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal and Bustle. Cynthia’s upcoming book, How To Meditate Like A Buddhist (Hierophant Publishing, April 2020) delves into tips for creating a regular meditation practice. It demystifies the ancient practice, while teaching the reader about posture, breathing, mind-set, and more; encompassing the most important aspects of Buddhist meditation in one accessible guide.

Today, Cynthia lives with her husband, son, and new baby girl in Washington D.C. She spends her days writing her upcoming book, working with people in the Kane Intentional Communication training program/ instructor-training program, and creating her upcoming retreat, at Art of Living Center (May 2020), and she always makes time in her day for meditating. In her free time, she enjoys activities such as hiking, dancing, yoga, and knitting.

Cynthia describes her philosophy for the Kane Intentional Communication Institute as “based off the Buddhist principles of Right Speech: Tell the truth, Don’t exaggerate, Don’t gossip, Use helpful language. It’s a mix of non-violent communication, mindful communication and what I call self-responsible communication. The purpose of communication is to help yourself and others suffer less, and the way to achieve the aforementioned is to use Intentional Communication.”




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