Smart (and Humane) Technology with Sean Higby

Smart (and Humane) Technology with Sean Higby

By Jeanette Schneider
Smart (and Humane) Technology with Sean Higby

Sean Higby is one of the smartest men I know. This is not a compliment I throw around lightly, so I am thrilled to introduce you to a man I cannot have a short conversation with to save my life. Sean is the developer behind LIV and equal parts nerd and emotional intelligence. Today he shares with us his desire to create humane technology and his own why.

Sean Higby is the founder of The Trifect Agency and the developer of the LIV app. Prior to these illustrious roles, Sean served as Technology Lead for Disney and Pixar projects, creating dozens of online games and websites for Disney and Pixar films, TV shows, and franchises including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Muppets, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wall-E, Up, and countless others. While at Disney, Sean was in charge of the technology for the most successful movie website in the history of the Disney company. 

Sean's work has received two Game Connection Awards for Best Digital Campaign and Best Overall Campaign, a W3 Award for Best in Show, three Webby Award Nominations, one Webby Award for Best Movie Website, two Pixel Awards for Best Movie Website, and an FWA Favourite Website Award.

Sean speaks around the world and was named as one of Fast Company’s “World's Most Productive People” alongside heavyweights Mark Zuckerberg, Guy Kawasaki, and Richard Branson. 

Sean and I dig into his desire to create and his vision for a more technologically humane world. 

Let's dig in.

Thank you for listening today. I loved this conversation because I love this human being. It has been a great honor to create with him.

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However you celebrate, have an amazing holiday and know I hold you in my thoughts. 

Happy Holidays!

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Until next time – in the words of my grandma, “Love each other every day.”

In your ears, filling your heart.