Once Upon a Time I had a dream… and then I had an existential crisis.

Isn’t that the way these things go? You leave your big corporate job with the even larger paycheck to build your dream wellness company. You design a gorgeous app, are approved as an Apple Developer, and then a maddening global pandemic throws your life and your dreams into a tailspin.

You fight with the death of your identity, anxiety attacks, sleeplessness, the homeschooling of two very different children, investor decks, branding issues, turnover, the death of two pets, Covid itself, Covid hair loss, Covid heart palpitations, end up in surgery for your heart issues that were compounded by Covid, to wake up twenty pounds heavier in weight and in *stuff*… and then remember you were creating a wellness community.

And you were passionate about it.

And you knew it could change lives.

Because it already had.


I kept thinking back to the emails I received from people in the recovery community who had experienced the beta version of the app, “Your app changed my life.”

“You gave me a language I didn’t have before.”

“I feel hopeful.”

I knew I had to put all the stuff that hadn’t worked, that was the kindling of a fledgling startup, into a trash can like I was breaking up with a toxic ex-boyfriend and light that shit on fire. From that ash came the most beautiful phoenix.

Right as I was giving up, giving in, wishing I could move to Iceland, I was invited to build my beautiful wellness company under the gentle (and valuable) guidance of the UNLV Incubator powered by Howard Hughes (and sponsored by Blackstone’s Launchpad – la ti da).

God didn’t put this on my heart for so long and with such passion and resolve for it to turn to dust.

Welcome to Dear Liv.

She’s like your best friend who knows things and wants you to come along for the ride, but is super nurturing and always has the best advice. She’s already gone through the self help journey, and she’s that kind of evolved that is super humble, really down to earth and funny.

More than anything she stewards a community of individuals who really want to live better, healthier lives.

How does she work?

As you interact through the Dear Liv app, answer assessments and we learn more about you, Dear Liv finds the contact, connection, or best friend who can provide the best advice based on your core needs and supported by the pillars of wellness (emotional, financial, social, physical, environmental, occupational, intellectual and spiritual).

Yes, we have off-the-shelf content, but what you will notice is that over time – as we see how you interact with us and answer questions – you’ll receive content in your feed that is curated for what you are going through, value most in your life… or need the most help with as you begin a intimately curated wellness journey. You’ll be invited to the lunch table (Zoom calls) based on focus areas, as well as web and live events.

We aren’t creating content in a vacuum. We are creating a community based on what you need and who can best help you.

Our content is INCREDIBLE. Our wellness advisors and contributors have decades of hands-on experience in their fields and desire nothing more than to leave the world a little better than they found it. With that said, app development is expensive and we are trying to iterate and build newer and better as quickly as we can. Your positive reviews, word of mouth and feedback will get us there faster. If there’s something you don’t understand, feedback about functionality and how we can make the app better, email me directly at [email protected].

We are on Apple right now and as soon as we can make the move to Android we will. Promise.

We also have a super fun podcast so that I can nerd out with experts sitting at the intersection of science and spirituality.

I hope you love this community as much as we’ve loved building it. We have announcements coming soon about audio content to help you relax and sleep better, multiple live and web events in the works, and honestly… I just can’t wait to meet you. Thanks for your faith in this very spunky (hard headed) female-founded (and led) startup.



Jeanette Schneider
Founder & CEO
Dear Liv