Own Your Stuff: Healing Victim/Blame Mentality with Lauren Zoeller

Own Your Stuff: Healing Victim/Blame Mentality with Lauren Zoeller

By Jeanette Schneider
Own Your Stuff: Healing Victim/Blame Mentality with Lauren Zoeller

Lauren Zoeller and I both whole-heartedly believe in the alchemy of active choice orientation, but to get there we have to recognize our own victim/blame mentality. Lauren shares how she got out of her own way, but only once she realized that she was ostracizing those she loved by her own “this is happening to me” internal dialogue. She thought everyone was against her and soon realized she was the common denominator. 

Lauren’s own story of overcoming diagnosed depression and anxiety through natural solutions after life crisis has led her to advocate for a non pharmaceutical approach to life. She is now the President and CEO of Lauren Zoeller Coaching, as well as the founder and host of The Balanced Boss Podcast. A show that interviews high achievers who are following their dreams and staying healthy in the process. Lauren has been featured in international publications such as Prevention, Shape, Business Insider, Total Beauty, Thrive Global, Goalcast, Money Inc., Healthline, Greatist and more.

Lauren Zoeller is a CTA certified Life Management Coach, Wellness Expert, Motivational Speaker and podcast host . She has achieved overwhelming success in helping burned out, high achievers shift their viewpoint and find an alternative approach to crisis management. Lauren is the creator of the Four Step Transformational Process™, a cutting edge coaching system that elicits lasting change to overcome burnout and avoid a misdiagnosed clinical disorder. 

Lauren digs into the awareness required to dig into your relationship with victim/blame, vulnerability and whether or not you find yourself consistently complaining. Leveling up requires deep self awareness and the ownership of your own “stuff.”

Lauren lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her sweet Persian cat, Ellie and teaches yoga at multiple studios in the Nashville area. When she is not teaching or coaching, you can find her traveling, speaking and leading workshops to promote her ultimate message of living a healthy, unmedicated life. 

I love Lauren’s outlook and the way she helps us understand our relationship with ourselves, those we love and her admonition that we “feel the feelings.” Never forget that your connection to others will always be more important than the grind and the goals. Thanks Lauren for the reminder that there is no space for fear to live when we are guided from a place of love.

You can connect with Lauren on her website www.laurenzoeller.com, on Instagram @laurenzoeller, and on Facebook at facebook.com/lzoeller

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