Leaving Good with Ashley Callen

Leaving Good with Ashley Callen

By Jeanette Schneider
Leaving Good with Ashley Callen

Ashley Callen believes you have to leave good to get to great, but it wasn’t an easy road. In 2014 she tested positive for the BRCA 1 gene mutation, most commonly known as the breast cancer gene. Directly after choosing to have a preventative double mastectomy, something she calls both the hardest and easiest decision she’s ever made, her husband Dave was severely injured in a helicopter crash which left him with a broken back and a collapsed lung. While the parents of toddlers healed – Ashley preparing for reconstructive surgery and Dave in physical therapy – they also realized they were just surviving, in all ways, and life is too short to settle for “good.”

Ashley and I talk about the emotional fallout of removing her breasts and what she saw as the sign of her femininity, the power of the family she has found within Police Wives of America, and the tough work Dave and Ashley had to face in order to strengthen their marriage after difficulty. 

We get deep in relationships and talk about communication, compassion and hard conversations. Ashley also shares the rough spaces she and Dave navigated that then put them in the spotlight as national speakers for Bless the Badge Law Enforcement conferences and became the foundation of the book they are co-writing that drops later this year.

Let’s dig in.

Thank you for joining us today. I love how deep Ashley went with me in talking about the importance of communication and how conflict is many times the door you need to enter to take your relationship from good to great. 

Connect with Ashley:

Instagram: @ashley_callen

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