Power Your Purpose with Megan Accardo

Power Your Purpose with Megan Accardo

By Jeanette Schneider
Power Your Purpose with Megan Accardo

Megan Accardo was running events for the biggest talent agency in the world, Creative Artists Agency. She had her dream job, working directly with A-list celebrities, throwing swanky Oscars parties, traveling around the world, and “in the room” with the most well-known business leaders. At the top of her game, she was also dealing with burnout and struggling with infertility. Holding it together through adrenaline and caffeine, she finally realized she wasn’t living out her true potential. 

Megan and I discuss the hard decision to leave a comfortable job to find your passion, the death of identity, and the birth of impact. 

Megan Accardo created the platform and podcast “Power Your Purpose,” to empower women to step into their true purpose and potential in life. She hosts events and experiences around the globe to bring women together in a meaningful way for greater impact.

Megan digs into the transition between lives, the messy start that is so important, and the difference between those on the sidelines and those in the arena. She gives us some practical tips for productivity and throws the term “multi-tasking” under the bus. She encourages us to focus on those things that truly matter in order to be more effective. 

I love Megan’s advice to focusing on our future self as we think through our goals and plan out our next steps.

Connect with Megan:

Instagram: @meganaccardo

Her podcast is Power Your Purpose and don't forget to download the productivity planner at meganaccardo.com/ownyourday

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