Creating Utopia Through Human Connection with Dr Nikki Starr

Creating Utopia Through Human Connection with Dr Nikki Starr

By Jeanette Schneider
Creating Utopia Through Human Connection with Dr Nikki Starr

Dr. Nikki Starr believes that sometimes life can take us on a journey that we didn’t plan for, and she is living proof of that.  From “eating, breathing, sleeping” Dermatology in New York City, to having her life derailed after buying a one-way ticket to Europe; she shares with us how life can be a beautiful surprise, by giving us experiences we never could’ve imagined. 

Dr Nikki Starr is a medical doctor turned transformational life coach, meditation leader and power and purpose activator. She went through medical school to realize the prescription to a healthy, happy life is self care and love as medicine. After traveling the world to deepen her spiritual practice and appearing on Utopia, the FOX television show about creating a new society, she is now based in Malibu, Los Angeles where she works with people around the globe via her online and in person healing sessions and transformational programs and courses. Her mission is to reach millions to elevate love on the planet, the healing of humanity and awakening of consciousness to create a better earth. 

Today Dr. Nikki Starr and I talk about the transformational power of yoga, traveling, human connection, and how stepping outside of our comfort zone can open our eyes to a new way of seeing the world. 

Let’s dig in. 

Thanks so much for joining me today! I love Dr. Nikki Starr’s belief that through the healing power of compassion, communication, and human connection, we can create a Utopia that is “All about Love”. 

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