Second Act: Turning Pivots Into Pirouettes with Lisa Pongrass

Second Act: Turning Pivots Into Pirouettes with Lisa Pongrass

By Jeanette Schneider
Second Act: Turning Pivots Into Pirouettes with Lisa Pongrass

Lisa Pongrass had the “dream life”… A big beautiful home, cars, boats, and a perfect marriage with a fantastic husband.  All of that came crashing down after the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, forcing them to sell everything, but also inspiring “Chapter 2.” Lisa shares with us the struggles she faced after leaving Australia for a fresh start in NYC, and how she went from “1950’s housewife” to a self-reliant entrepreneur.

Lisa Pongrass is the Founder and CEO of Canvas & Hyde, a luxury handbag company based in Brooklyn, New York. An acclaimed interior designer and fashion stylist in her Australian homeland, Lisa has over twenty years experience that has propelled her to the forefront of fashion and beauty on an international stage. Lisa immersed herself in a new challenge – an intense education of the intricacies of the manufacturing process. To ensure luxurious quality control, Lisa delved into researching and learning the craft of luxury handbag construction for over a year. Determined to source the finest quality and sustainable materials in partnership with environmentally responsible factories, Lisa collaborated with factories in Italy and the US. With a strong vision and meticulous research, Canvas & Hyde was born.

Today Lisa and I discuss her business being born out of necessity as a single mom, turning pivots into pirouettes when facing challenges, and how “true magic happens outside of our comfort zone.” I love Lisa’s message not to limit ourselves, and that it is never too late to start over. Lisa is ‘walking proof that at 47 you can start a business you know nothing about.'”

You can find Lisa’s handbags at Instagram: @canvasandhyde

Facebook: Canvas & Hyde 

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