Becoming Mom with Amanda Herlihy

Becoming Mom with Amanda Herlihy

By Jeanette Schneider
Becoming Mom with Amanda Herlihy

Amanda Herlihy spent nearly a decade in finance, but after the financial crisis, began to feel a pull in a completely different direction. She put herself through night school and began moonlighting as a massage therapist. Though she’d laid the groundwork for a massive shift, it was a single day when she was both laid off and found out she was pregnant with her first child that her path was forever altered.

Amanda spent the following six years immersed in the birth world. From carrying and birthing her own three children, to supporting other women and families as a birth doula, and body and energy worker. She now empowers others to seek alignment with their soul’s purpose by illustrating the power of asking the right questions and deconstructing beliefs and paradigms which no longer serve this new alignment.  She is walking this path right along with those she serves, this is why she calls herself a “ReBirth Ally.”

Amanda Herlihy is the creator and host of the podcast “Freedom Journey” on Apple and Spotify, and most recently the host and creator of the virtual summit entitled “The ReBirth Of Women: Together We Rise” which spans the varying aspects of the transformations women often face throughout motherhood.

Amanda lives in Chicago, IL with her devoted partner Josh and their three beautiful children. 

Today Amanda and I talk about Motherhood and the reasons why it can shake us to our core, how children are mirrors, and why they have such a profound ability to ask the right questions that cause us to really disassemble our belief structures.  We also discuss what it's been like jumping into something totally new as she reacquaints herself with her gifts.  

Let’s dig in. 

Thank you for joining me today! I love Amanda’s journey to a path of soul and purpose. She was truly inspired by listening to her own internal call to heal, and then transitioned to the role of supporting women as they become mothers. I appreciate her reminder for us to fill our cup first, so we can serve others. 

Connect with Amanda

Podcast: Freedom Journey

Instagram: @amanda.herlihy

Facebook: @Amanda M Herlihy

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