Success and Identity In An Achievement Culture with Guy Golan

Success and Identity In An Achievement Culture with Guy Golan

By Jeanette Schneider
Success and Identity In An Achievement Culture with Guy Golan

Guy Golan, Ph.D. is an executive coach who specializes in empowering clients from the highly demanding fields of medicine, tech, finance and law. He also specializes in coaching the spouses of high achieving professionals who are often the unsung heroes of their spouses' highly demanding careers. 

Guy and I talk about the clash of identity and success in life and career. He shares that high achievers may not be able to reprogram their vision of success, but can instead create a sustainable home life through reprioritization. Guy shares the importance of quality over quantity in personal time spent and asks his clients “What are you doing when you are available?” and “What kind of energy are you bringing to the family when you have time with them?”

The #1 dynamic Guy experiences with his clients is strained relationships with their partners. He talks about the unique dynamic of the supporting spouse who has many time seen their own careers and dreams suffer, their needs being unmet, faded identity, and a feeling of disempowerment. 

Guy argues that who you marry has everything to do with who you become. Your financial future, mental well being, physical health and who your children become is dependent upon who you select to live life alongside you.

Then we nerd out on the science of identities. 

Guy Golan has published more than 45 peer reviewed journal articles in the field of media and social psychology. His research was cited nearly 4,000 times in peer reviewed academic journals. Applying research findings to the real world, Golan has been quoted in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Bloomberg News and Slate Magazine.

Thank you so much for joining today. I absolutely 100% adore the notion that your partner is the power player in your life and to those singles out there worried about clocks… I hope you find some relief in the idea that you find the best person for you, not to fit someone else’s timeline. 

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