How To Manifest Your Dream Career With @thesocialmanifesto, Dev Connell

How To Manifest Your Dream Career With @thesocialmanifesto, Dev Connell

By Nikki Butler
How To Manifest Your Dream Career With @thesocialmanifesto, Dev Connell

Manifestation seems to be the buzzword of 2022, but what does it actually mean? I’m joined by Dev Connell, aka @thesocialmanifesto, to discuss the science behind manifestation, common misconceptions about the practice, and how to start calling in your dream life. 


Dev is a business coach who combines manifestation, mindset shifts, and business strategy to help women start and scale their businesses. In our conversation, she describes how she got out of her soul-crushing 9-to-5 and manifested her current career. We also chat about our meditation journeys, the power of practicing daily gratitude, and tangible ways to design your life. 



  • The intersection of spirituality and neuroscience 
  • Finding balance in your masculine and feminine energies 
  • Embracing the fluidity and individuality of manifestation 
  • Tools for becoming an energetic match to your dream life 
  • Simple strategies for the beginner manifester 





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( 0:44 ) Welcome back to another episode of Dear Liv! Today, Jeanette is joined by Dev Connell. 

( 2:28 ) Dev joins the conversation. 

( 3:25 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “Tell me about the times when you weren’t shiny and how that led you to find your practice.”

( 7:46 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “Were there books that you read? Were there people that you were following?”

( 10:43 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “There is actually neuroscience behind the habits and patterns where we’re rewiring our systems, so tell me a little bit about that.” 

( 13:18 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “What was the first thing that you manifested?”

( 17:17 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “Where would you tell a beginner to start? And a second question, is such a thing as doing it correctly?”

( 21:48 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “Do you have a journaling practice? Or do you believe in having to write these things down?”

( 26:02 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “What’s your relationship to some of the Abraham-Hicks teachings?”

( 28:24 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “If you could give someone your top couple tips, what would they be?”

( 34:12 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “Where can listeners find you?”

( 34:30 ) Jeanette asks Dev, “Is there anything that I have missed that you would love to impress upon listeners before we finish up today?”