Healing Past Trauma with Kiné Corder

Healing Past Trauma with Kiné Corder

By Jeanette Schneider
Healing Past Trauma with Kiné Corder

Kiné Corder believes that no matter what, all trauma can be healed. In her practice, she knows that while we all want healing, she only accepts clients that are ready to move forward from the need to rehash the past. Kiné is a National Certified Counselor and the world’s #1 Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in financial therapy and stress management.

In this episode, we discuss:

How the label of a diagnosis can limit our capacity to heal, ultimately holding us back from achieving more in life.

Decisions we make from our subconscious v conscious mind

How the power of visualization can be used to help us heal past trauma.

Why anger isn’t bad and why we should see it as a secondary emotion offering us an opportunity to explore…

And how hypnotherapy opens the door for us to see other options available when our brain is keeping us stuck in our old stories.